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present at BroadwayCon

Submissions are now closed!


Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit, the better your chance of being selected. All decisions will be made by mid-May.

Are you a member of the industry submitting on behalf of an organization or production?

Please submit via this form ▸

This year, we are programming for the following tracks:


Business of Broadway

A track that focuses on business aspects, including promotional and advertising.


Equity and Justice

Track focused on equity and justice in the Broadway space.


Broadway Fandom

Celebrating the Broadway fandom.


Backstage Artistry

A track which focuses on the talent behind the scenes, exploring what it takes to run a successful production.


Aspiring Professionals

A track to help guide aspiring professionals in their theatre career.

Frequently asked questions

Can I create a panel where we bring on a celebrity?

Sure! However, please note that BroadwayCon cannot help you secure a celebrity presenter for your panel and will assume that you are in contact and coordinating with all suggested presenters, including celebrities.


Is there one format I have to follow? Does it have to be a panel?

Not at all! You create the program you want to run. It can be a panel, a roundtable, a lecture, a meetup, a singalong, or whatever you envision! Just make sure you specify what you’d like to create in your application (i.e. “I’d like to moderate a panel of four people…”). Please note that we are typically unable to accommodate performances outside of the BroadwayCon MainStage.

What if I want to produce a performance?
Please email

How long are sessions at BroadwayCon?
Most BroadwayCon sessions are 60 minutes long. If you need more than 60 minutes for your session, please indicate this in your proposal. We cannot guarantee these requests will be accommodated.


How many people can be on a session?

Our stages can comfortably accommodate up to six presenters. If you’d like to have a session with more than six presenters, please email directly.


Are there certain types of sessions you don’t accept?

While we welcome a wide variety of submissions, we will not accept single-show singalongs.. If you would like to create a program to advertise a specific product or service, please reach out through our Event Partnerships form.

What A/V equipment will I have access to?
All programming rooms will have at least 3 tabletop microphones, plus music playback capability. Select rooms will also have display screens. If you know you will want a screen for your session, please include that request in your proposal. We cannot guarantee the availability of screens. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptops for the presentation.

What if my session requires a piano, live animals, a dance floor, a white board, a fog machine, etc?
For all needs beyond microphones, audio speakers, and a projector, please email We will do our best to accommodate your request within venue regulations.

What do I receive for being part of a session?
All presenters will receive a complimentary day pass for each day that they’re presenting at BroadwayCon (not including BroadwayCon Industry Day access). Most BroadwayCon presenters appear at the event on a volunteer basis. However, select individuals who are contracted for specific duties such as performing, teaching workshops, or appearing on four or more programs during the event will be offered stipends in recognition of their additional workload. We are unable to provide lodging or transportation to BroadwayCon outside of truly extraordinary circumstances.


What if I want to add a person to my session later?

Please email as soon as possible. While the majority of requests will be accommodated, BroadwayCon maintains control of the presenter list and reserves the right to remove a presenter from the schedule at any time.

MORE questions?

If you have any further questions regarding programming submissions, please email


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